The Magnificent Villa

Despite the fact that a great number of gamblers were saddened by the closure of the Baccarat Casino in Edmonton, the magnificent Grand Villa Casino quickly took its place in the year 2016. This brand-new establishment has received a great deal of acclaim for its sophisticated yet entertaining atmosphere, which caters to a wide variety of gamblers without requiring them to sacrifice what makes it special.

The newly acquired owners have made the decision to depart from the design of the original Baccarat in order to differentiate themselves from the previous establishment and, in the process, establish a fresh new heritage. In order to stay up with the latest trends in gambling venues, the Grand Villa gambling provides a separate poker area on the casino floor. Additionally, the casino is divided into two different floors that are dedicated to slot machines and table games.

In addition, there are seven eateries located on the site that will make your mouth swim and that are well worth going to, regardless of whether or not you ever put a bet! As a passionate casino fan, you have the opportunity to join other players who share your passion for the casino by becoming a member of the Players Club at the Grand Villa. This club provides members with savings on meals as well as a variety of other unique deals that can be utilized at other Gateway-affiliated casino locations.

An assortment of stimulating video games

There is a massive slot machine collection accessible at Grand Villa, which includes 1200 slot machines with wagering restrictions ranging from 0.01% to 1%. Even while the slot collection is updated on a regular basis, you will still be able to play some of the most popular games, such as Dragon Spin and Titan. When it comes to table games, you will have access to a variety of sixty gaming tables, ten of which are specifically designated for poker. There have been updates made to these tables in order to stay up with the times, and many of them have extra electrical functions. As an illustration, the Touch Bet Roulette offered by Grand Villa is played from specialized electronic terminals that are connected to a primary live Roulette wheel located on the casino floor. This arrangement allows for the seamless integration of live and digital games.

In addition, gamblers will discover world-class tables that are ready and waiting for them to take a seat at. These tables provide a variety of games, including Blackjack, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, and Pai Gow Poker. Lastly, for those of you who are high rollers, you have the opportunity to participate in high-stakes gaming in a private setting in either the Cypress Room, the Lions Room, or the Maple room. Each of these rooms caters to all of your gaming and entertainment requirements in their own unique way.


The eating experience that you may have at Grand Villas has a number of attractions, some of which include the magnificent Villa Bistro, the Atlas Steakhouse, and the Grand Dynasty seafood. This establishment is one of the few land-based casinos in Canada that can boast the quality and range of its culinary options. Meals at Centro Bar, Personas, and Alpine Bar are light and elegant, and they come with a generous serving of atmosphere. These restaurants are the ideal places to begin a night out on the town since they provide the right starting point.

IN ADDITION, accomodation is available.

If you are searching for a place to stay that is both comfortable and convenient, then the Delta Hotel and Conference Center is the ideal place to stay since it offers top-notch accommodations at an affordable price. A total of 195 rooms are available, six of which are luxurious villas. Every single one of the hotel’s twenty-one storeys offers a breathtaking panorama view. As a result of its prominent position in the business center, the Casino is the best place to stay for individuals who are not bothered by the simultaneous presence of work and pleasure during their travels.


The atmosphere at the casino, which has been thoughtfully designed, is just amazing.

You may rack up some big discounts by participating in the loyalty program, which offers player incentives.


The little room might give the impression of being somewhat confined.






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